Acrylic Pours

September 18, 2017

I've been stressed out. For school, we have to paint certain things. Things that I don't necessarily find fun or interesting. It takes a lot of of me to sit there for hours and paint a subject that doesn't stimulate me in any way. On days like that, its hard to go home and get right back to it. But recently I discovered something that can take my mind away from lines and perfection.


I walked into Jerry's Artarama looking for some GAC 800 and discussed with the gentleman working there what I wanted to do. He rolled his eyes at me and said that this specific technique is a trend and a fad! Thanks dude... But, I still went home and rediscovered how to get lost in time again through working with paint.


As a kid doing art, I could sit there for hours and not look at a clock because I was so enveloped in what was going on in my canvas. Today, that is hard to do. The only bad thing about this technique is the paint it wastes and money needed for the supplies. 


Here are two examples of art I did with this process. For the first time in a long time, I was able to let my brain rest. When I have the supplies, I will do pours on a lot more surfaces. I even did my fly box after Hurricane Irma hit. 

I have a lot more ideas in my mind for what I can do with this method, so now its just a matter of saving up some money! Any other ideas are welcome! Please let me know your thoughts. 


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